Every person on our Kline Galland staff appreciates being recognized for what they do and the contributions they make to our success. Saying “thanks” at the appropriate time is an obvious way to make that form of employee recognition real.
The truth is, saying thanks when it’s been earned should feel right for every person in the organization, from new hire to CEO. But our focus here is on the Executive Team, department heads, and unit supervisors.

When you recognize a job well done or a milestone reached or an award received, you speak not only for yourself, but also for the part of the organization you lead. Recognizing excellence and achievement is part of the leadership roles we all play.

There is no one right time. Those of us in leadership need to keep an eye open for the thank-you moments that come along, some expected, some a complete surprise. Examples:

  • When a meaningful service anniversary rolls around
  • When a resident, patient, or family member expresses appreciation for a service provided or a kindness shown
  • When an award is received or a training completed
  • When someone has stepped up to provide staff coverage when they were needed in special circumstances.
  • When a member of our staff has helped recruit a friend as a new hire.
  • Be timely; if someone earns thanks today, say thanks today, or at least while the moment is still fresh.
  • Be specific or inclusive, as appropriate; some thanks are earned by one person making a difference; other times it’s the team that should be thanked; often, it’s both a person and their team.
  • Be informed; if you are recognizing a particular event or accomplishment, make sure you understand the basic facts first. Fact-based is better than hearsay-based. Part of an effective thank-you, too, can be showing interest in what the person you’re thanking experienced by asking for more information. How were you able to handle that situation? When did you come up with that idea? What’s your next professional development goal?
Total Outstanding Performance

Recognizing those that exhibit Totally Outstanding Performance in the care they give.

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