Eduardo Garcia Morales

February 5, 2019

Our Certified Nursing Assistants are at the heart of Kline Galland Home. They are the primary caregiver to our residents and can make a resident’s day with a smile, a kind word or gentle assistance.

Certified Nursing Assistants must complete a training program and then be tested by the State to become certified. They must take Continuing Education units to maintain their certification. CNA’s are responsible for the Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) for our residents, which includes bathing, feeding, dressing, etc. Our residents rely heavily on our CNA’s; sometimes for even their most basic human needs. Our CNA’s rise to the occasion and have a critical impact on the lives of those they care for at Kline Galland Home.

Eduardo came to Kline Galland after enrolling in the nursing program at Seattle Colleges. He’s been with Kline Galland Home for over one year. His ultimate plan is to be a Registered Nurse and we’re proud to say he was one of the Barry Schneiderman Nursing scholarship recipients this year. This scholarship program is given to Kline Galland staff who want to further their career in Nursing. We’re looking forward to Eduardo working as an RN at Kline Galland once he finishes his schooling.

Eduardo says: I enjoy working at Kline Galland because of its friendly staff, welcoming environment, and most of importantly all the wonderful residents that reside at the Kline. Coming to work and knowing I play integral role in caring for our resident and the impact we have on someone’s life is a rewarding an amazing feeling.

Eduardo said one of his favorite hobbies is attending Seattle Mariners games with my amazing wife.  Eduardo’s huge smile and compassionate care make him a favorite with our residents. Thank you Eduardo for all you do every day for every one!