Voices of Gratitude

November 15, 2021

In this season of thankfulness, we wanted to share a few of the hundreds of Over the Top forms we get from grateful residents and patients, families and staff. What you do every day makes a profound difference in the lives of those who are blessed to receive your amazing care. Thank you!

“We couldn’t have been more blessed”

Almost 3 years ago my wife and I had the task of touring care homes for my dad because he needed care beyond what we, or he, could provide. We toured three other facilities before our last stop at Kline Galland. The first three places were truly depressing. From the moment we walked into your facility we were blown away at the quality of the facility and everyone we met or talked with. So obviously we encouraged Dad to choose you. And it only got better once he moved in. He was on hospice when he moved there. And then you and your team made him healthier. So he came off of hospice. And you still made room for him and took care of him. For almost three years. We couldn’t have been more blessed than to have found you and your team for our dad.

Every day your team was there for my dad. Even when we couldn’t be there. I could not recommend your facility anymore highly. My dad was not Jewish, but the care was the same as if he were. You are truly God’s blessing to our dad and so many people like him.

Thank you so much for all you did for Dad. We knew we would lose him soon but it’s still sad. But knowing what your team did for him was priceless. Thank you.

— God bless, KGH resident’s son

Over the TOP performance to the entire staff at Kline Galland Home

Thank you so very much for all the extra, wonderful acts of kindness and tender loving care you provide for my dad. He was so low and lost, and all your help has brought him back to life! My heart is full of joy and gratefulness and peace knowing I don’t have to worry anymore. May God bless all of you. Thank you again for all you do.

Big and small – it all matters so very much, with love, his daughter.

— KGH resident’s daughter

“We have to take care of her”

We’d like to recognize Kathie Monney (CBS) for her Over the Top commitment to our patients and community. At the end of a busy week, we got a call from a UW provider wondering if there is any chance we could do an urgent admission for a patient. Her patient, a 98 year-old woman, holocaust survivor, was found by her family unresponsive today and they know her wishes are not to go to the hospital.

We put out a request and Kathie responded. When she learned the patient was a holocaust survivor, her reaction and decision was immediate. “I’ll go this evening. We have to take care of her.”

If that doesn’t reflect the Kline Galland values, I don’t know what does!

— KG Hospice

Incredible dedication

I’d like to recognize Jose Romero with an Over the Top Award for his incredible dedication to his patients and our agency, especially over the past few weeks. Most notably, this week he dropped what he was doing at the end of the day to see a patient with an urgent need, and has also taken “on-call” shifts when we needed coverage at the last minute. Thank you for all of your hard work, Jose!

— KG Home Health

Going the extra distance

Russell always goes the extra distance. He is always very helpful to everyone who interacts with him. I have called him the MVP of the Summit!

— Summit resident

Wonderful attitude

An appointment of mine was changed to around dinner time. Lisandro made certain I got my food and got to my appointment on time. He was efficient and polite and made sure I got everything done I needed to. I am very grateful for his help and wonderful attitude.

— Summit resident