At Kline Galland, we are committed to successfully on-boarding each and every new staff member we hire. Our goals include:

  • Making the new hire feel welcome and valued
  • Spotting at the earliest possible moment any issues or concerns that may arise on the part of the new employee. (For example: a long and arduous commute; difficulty arranging child care; not feeling welcomed and included by co-workers.)
  • Orienting and providing training so the person feels qualified and self-confident in their job responsibilities
  • Sharing (again) with the new hire Kline Galland’s history, values, mission, and unique role in the community.
7 Days after Start:
  • CEO sends welcome email or text
  • HR or supervisor completes 7-day check-in worksheet
30 Days:
  • HR or supervisor completes 30-day check-in worksheet
90 Days:
  • HR or supervisor completes 90-day check-in worksheet
  • Sample CEO welcome email [To Be Added]
  • Supervisor Check-in Form [To Be Added]
30 – 60 – 90 CALENDAR
Name Position Notes Actions Reminder Options Follow Up
Jane Doe Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Jane is from Olympia and loves to take her dog on long walks
10 Days
5 Days
Day Of
Follow Up